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I provide bespoke supervision consultancy and training for individuals and businesses that help others

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Please note I am not offering spaces for individual psychotherapy appointments. If you wish to discuss supervision consultancy, please take a look at my supervision consultancy services

This website will not be use from September 2021, so please direct all your enquiries to my new website here

I'm based in Leicester and near to Market Harborough, and offer in-person and online appointments, please get in touch for my latest availability.

I offer bespoke services for organisations and businesses looking to address self-care and resiliency, through restorative supervision. I work locally and nationally. For services specifically tailored for organisations and businesses, click here

I'm currently completing my Doctorate, researching practitioner self-care in clinical supervision.

Everyone has mental health needs. As a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist, I help facilitate individuals and businesses adopt pro-active, meaningful self-care practices, embedding resiliency and influence a positive working environment. Mental health issues are common place. I provide the skills and expertise to address these issues.

I currently offer in-person counselling and psychotherapy, in Leicester city centre or in Market Harborough, and online counselling, psychotherapy and clinical supervision. My areas of specialist interest are stress, self-care, clinical supervision and workplace support.

If you are looking for mental health consultancy for yourself or your organisation, or you need clinical supervision, or would like to encourage your workplace to have professional reflective support? For bespoke services click here

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Leicester and Market Harborough area

  • Are you are finding it difficult to talk to those closest to you and need someone to listen, who is not a colleague, relative, partner or friend?

  • You may need to speak to someone about your emotional well-being and be able to think through an issue at your own pace.

  • You may be facing personal and emotional difficulties that you need professional help with.

  • Do you have symptoms of depression, stress or anxiety? You may need to develop coping strategies to manage these distressing thoughts and feelings.

    If you are looking for counselling or psychotherapy services it is very likely that you or someone close to you will be facing difficulties in life that will need addressing. But where do you go if you need a space to think, someone to talk to, or to know that your innermost thoughts and feelings are heard? If you have arrived at my website it's likely you are looking for psychotherapy or counselling in Leicester city centre or the Market Harborough area or beyond, or at least curious as to how counselling and psychotherapy may be able to help you.

    If you are experiencing depression or stress; looking for help with managing trauma, anxiety, issues around self-esteem or other mental health problems, I may be able to help. I also assist professionals manage their stress and particularly those in the helping professions who work with trauma by providing professional support sessions and clinical supervision.

    Click here for information about fees.

    Clinical Supervision Services

  • You may be a business wanting to know how to support your staff; this may be due to their role within the 'helping professions' or due to personal issues that are impacting on their well-being. For business support services click here.

    I work with a wide range of mental heath issues and I am particularly interested in working with stress, trauma, clinical supervision and practitioner self-care. Click here if you are looking for Clinical Supervision for a 'helping profession'. I can provide a number of helping professions, organisations and businesses with practitioner support and clinical supervision, either at one of my practice locations or I can offer a tailor-made service where I come to your business. Please take a look at my blog written for Self-Care Psychology about the importance of self-care for the helping professions: Self-Care Psychology blog
    Here is my article for Therapy Today -October 2020 - read it here!

    You may be needing help with a variety of mental health issues. As a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist I offer professional, discreet counselling and psychotherapy services both Leicester city centre and near Market Harborough.

    I deal with a wide range of mental health issues in private practice, offering counselling and psychotherapy in Leicester city centre and near to Market Harborough.

    There are many practitioners providing counselling in Leicester, many that offer psychotherapy in Market Harborough, and with online session help can be accessed across the UK, so what makes me different? You can expect a non-judgemental, warm, empathic yet challenging approach from me. I offer bespoke services that fit with your unique needs. I'm passionate about helping people develop the tools they needs to manage their mental health needs, and I work at relational depth to provide a space to reflect and explore your emotions, yet can also work with you to achieve your goals. Making the first step towards getting help can be the most difficult, but it is important to place your well-being on your priority list as unless you are well, you will not be able to be the 'best you' that you can be.

    I have been working within the helping professions, in a variety of roles, since the late 1990's and throughout that time I have developed skills to help people. I'm not prescriptive in my approach, so I do not adopt a 'one size fits all' instead I tailor my skills to you individually needs and work with you towards your goals, so I'll often ask "how will you know that coming to see me has been worth it?"

    Great things are done by a series of small things brought together - Vincent Van Gogh

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    Who and what can counselling and psychotherapy help with?

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    I offer counselling and psychotherapy services in private practice in Leicester, and Market Harborough, Leicestershire.

    In private practice I work with young people (16+) and adults.

    I also offer wider counselling, psychotherapy and clinical supervision services and consultancy to businesses and individuals.

    I am passionate about working with those that are practitioners in the helping professions see my supervision consultancy services for more info.

    I can work with a range of issues and have a particular interest in the following:

    workplace issues: stress management, professional pressure, burnout, vicarious trauma
    support for professionals - Higher/senior management, Pastoral support, Education, Social Workers, NHS, Criminal Justice System, and so on!

    I am a registered and accredited member of BACP and I offer a variety of psychotherapy and counselling services in Leicester city centre and Market Harborough area. I am skilled in both long-term and short-term therapy and I draw upon a number of models of therapy including Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Pluralistic approaches.

    Whilst I wish I had a magic wand or a crystal ball, unfortunately I don't! This means that I can not magic away your issues, nor can I offer any guarantees that the therapy will be a success. However, my broad range of experience means that I can tailor the counselling and psychotherapy to meet your needs. I aim to work collaboratively with you, to jointly look at what areas of your life you want help with. I offer a 'steady presence' to my clients, working in a supportive, empathic and thoughtful manner. I value the importance of the therapeutic relationship and see this as being a key part of the healing process.

    I am willing to meet for an initial session to see whether I might have the skills to help you, also by having an initial session, this can mean that you get the chance to assess if I am the right counsellor/psychotherapist for you.

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    Where am I based?

    I offer counselling and psychotherapy in Leicester city centre and close to Market Harborough. Both locations are within easy reach of Leicester, Oadby, Market Harborough, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. Both venues provide a calm, professional environment. I also offer online sessions, therefore, I can offer sessions to clients across the UK

    How much?

    Do get in touch to discuss the session fee. For a general guide please click here!

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