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Providing professional, discreet counselling, psychotherapy and clinical supervision services in Leicester

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Leicester & Market Harborough. me0916

Please note I have no available appointments to offer at the moment, but do get in touch if you wish to be placed on my waiting list or referred to one of my trusted colleagues

Need someone to talk to? Looking for a counselling in Leicester city centre? Wanting psychotherapy in Market Harborough?

I provide professional, discrete counselling, psychotherapy and clinical supervision in Leicester and close to Market Harborough, I'm easily accessible from Oadby, and south Leicestershire, and near to the Northamptonshire border.

If you are experiencing depression or stress; looking for help with managing trauma, anxiety, issues around self-esteem or other mental health problems, I may be able to help.

I have a specialist interest in trauma, such as historical adverse childhood experiences and also assisting professionals who work with trauma.

If you are looking for counselling or psychotherapy it is very likely that you'll be facing difficulties in your life that you need some help with. But where do you go if you need a space to think, someone to talk to, or to know that your innermost thoughts and feelings are heard? If you have arrived at my website it's likely you are looking for psychotherapy or counselling in Leicester city centre or the Market Harborough area, or at least curious as to how counselling and psychotherapy may be able to help you.

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I provide professional, qualified and discreet counselling, psychotherapy and clinical supervision services to individuals, couples and businesses in Leicester, Market Harborough and the surrounding areas and villages in Leicestershire and beyond. I work with a wide range of mental heath issues and I am particularly interested in working with trauma, clinical supervision and practitioner self-care. Click here if you are looking for Clinical Supervision for a 'helping profession'.

  • Are you are finding it difficult to talk to those closest to you and need someone to listen who is not a relative, partner or friend?

  • You may need to speak to someone about your emotional well-being and be able to think through an issue at your own pace.

  • You may be facing personal emotional or relationship difficulties that you need professional help with.

  • You may be a young person struggling to find your place in an adult world. Or perhaps a parent or carer for a young person that is seeking help on their behalf.

  • You may have depression, stress or anxiety and need to develop coping strategies to manage these distressing thoughts and feelings.

  • You and your partner may be facing relationship difficulties and are therefore seeking relationship counselling.

  • You may be a business wanting to know how to support your staff; this may be due to their role within the 'helping professions or due to personal issues that are impacting on their well-being. For business support services click here.

    You may be needing help with a variety of mental health issues. As a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist I offer professional, discreet counselling and psychotherapy services to young people and adults in both Leicester city centre and near Market Harborough. If you are looking for some guidance about who or where to find help do take a look at my 'thought from a therapist' page and have a read of my 'Top 10 Tips for seeking help'

    I deal with a wide range of mental health issues for young people, adults and couples in private practice, offering counselling and psychotherapy in Leicester and near to Market Harborough. I am also a children's counsellor in a number of local schools.

    There are many practitioners providing counselling in Leicester, many that offer psychotherapy in Market Harborough, so what makes me different? You can expect a non-judgemental, warm, empathic approach from me. I offer bespoke services that fit with your unique needs. I'm passionate about helping people develop the tools they needs to manage their mental health needs, and I work at relational depth to provide a 'safe haven' for those that need time to reflect and explore their emotions, yet can also work with you to achieve your goals. Making the first step towards getting help can be the most difficult, but it is important to place your well-being on your priority list as unless you are well you will not be able to be the 'best you' that you can be.

    I have been working within the helping professions since 1999 and throughout that time I have developed skills to help people change. I'm not prescriptive in my approach, I tailor my skills to you individually needs and work with you towards your goals, so I'll often ask "how will you know that coming to see me has been worth it?"

    Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself and dares to become involved with experimenting with his own life.
    Herbert Otto

  • Counselling and Psychotherapy in Leicester & Market Harborough. New back

    Who and what can counselling and psychotherapy help with?

    I offer counselling and psychotherapy services in private practice and in schools in Leicester, and Market Harborough Leicestershire, working with children, young people and adults.

    I can work with a range of issues and have a particular interest in the following:

    anger management
    self esteem
    relationship difficulties
    couples counselling
    workplace issues: such stress management, professional pressure
    eating difficulties
    emotional management and well being
    employee assistance programs
    clinical supervision for the helping professions

    I am a registered accredited member of BACP and I offer a variety of psychotherapy and counselling services in Leicester city centre and Market Harborough area. I am skilled in both long-term and short-term therapy and I draw upon a number of models of therapy including Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approaches.

    Whilst I wish I had a magic wand or a crystal ball, unfortunately I don't! This means that I can not magic away your issues, nor can I offer any guarantees that the therapy will be a success. However, my broad range of experience means that I can tailor the counselling and psychotherapy to meet your needs. I offer a 'steady presence' to my clients, working in a supportive, empathic and thoughtful manner. I value the importance of the therapeutic relationship and see this as being a key part of the healing process.

    I am willing to meet for an initial session to see whether I might have the skills to help you, also by having an initial session, this can mean that you get the chance to assess if I am the right counsellor for you.

    Where am I based?

    I offer counselling and psychotherapy in Leicester city centre and close to Market Harborough. Both locations are within easy reach of Leicester, Oadby, Market Harborough, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire.

    How much?

    Do get in touch to discuss the session fee. For a general guide please click here!

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